About the Me and New Media

I began to pursue a M.A. in New Media Studies in September of 2013 at DePaul University. After earning a B.A. in journalism from Howard University in 2012, I decided that I wanted to acquiring more practical skills in new media. I wanted to learn how to write code web sites and design documents. I felt these skills would not only make me a more marketable journalist but also benefit me generally in any job I happen to enter.

Why the name?

This blog will sometimes document my journey as I go through the motions –classes mostly– and learn what new media studies is and how best to use it. I will share responses to my class readings or events I attend related to new media.

Also, because I’m a pragmatic person I like to connect the concepts from academia to my every day experiences. I will try to share them here, along with books or other websites that I find most helpful to navigating the complex world of new media studies. See the media in media series.

The random page about books…?

I’m also hopelessly bookish. I have been all my life. I spend so much of my time reading. So I’ve including a widget (—>) that connects to my Goodreads and shows you what I’m reading. I’ll also write posts about what I’ve read from time to time, if I’m particularly moved.

This is my techy, bookish, journey. Feel free to join me!